My apology in advance for being a one hit wonder

The blog has been on a bit of a hiatus since I wrote “A Picture of Death”.  I’d like to say that it was because I was super busy or I was focussing attention on amazing new projects but it’s not true.  The hiatus was pure and simply because I’m a wuss and the reaction to that post intimidated me and I was scared to write anything else.

That blog post had a huge impact on me.  I honestly cannot express the effect the reactions and support from around the world had on me. The stories people shared, some of which had never been shared before, moved me so much. Like this email that I will forever treasure:

“Hi there,

My name is ***and I am the 5th generation of our family ranch in ****. I came across your article “The Picture of Death” a few months ago and was….overwhelmed. The emotion and logic and experience you conveyed could have been read off my heart. I cried, printed it to share with my colleagues, we all cried.

Last night…

My dad is the man of course, big, brave, wise…..Last night I went up to have dinner with him and we got sharing calving stories. We are in the midst of it now and pulling lots of heifer calves. We shared a books worth of stories last night, lots of them are about being chased or going to extreme measures to save cows or calves.

I remembered about your story and pulled it up. I read it allowed and managed to mostly keep myself together….I was the only one. Dad cried. Cried with sorry for every cow or calf, or horse, dog or cat for that matter, that has died. He cried for joy of all the miracles when something lived that shouldn’t have. We sat there on the couch and remembered all the joys and sorrows. I knew this was in my dad, he is a wise man who shows his love for all things. But to see him let it loose and share it on his face was a beautiful thing for us all. We mourned and rejoiced together.

He asked that I contact you to share what happened last night. We both want to share our gratitude for what you wrote. It is a gift, you are a gift to be able to put in words what we can only express in our hearts. I don’t know how to convey the depth of feeling we have to you and your words. We have all experienced being seen as cold hearted ranchers. The only thing cold about it is caring for every one of the creatures bestowed up on us when it’s -30 out!

I am at work in town today and dad is home in the barn after tagging calves. He is telling his cohorts today about “The Picture of Death” and it is something we will share our whole lives.

Thank you, thank you!”

That and so many other stories left me speechless. Literally speechless.  And moved. And emotional. I cannot thank you all enough.  I honestly am forever changed by that post.

The downside was I struggled to write another post. How could I ever follow that post up? The post and stories and emotion people shared are sacred to me. I felt like anything I wrote about would just bomb. That I would destroy the sanctity of that post some how.

I’m still inspired to write and I would like to share my story so I’m starting up again. Please accept my apology in advance for my lame future blogs.