A huge and heartfelt thank you to the #Farm365 Hijack Campaign

This post is dedicated to the members of the Vegan Campaign to hijack #farm365. I would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to you.  You and your campaign have had an amazing, life changing effect on my life.

When I first heard about the #farm365 project I thought it was an amazing idea.  When I joined twitter in 2012 my feed was filled with people I knew and accounts that focused on beef cattle.  In 2014 I was introduced to a really cool account that had different farmers host every week (the cranberry week was incredibly amazing btw).  This expanded my twitter contacts and I started following a lot of dairy farmer accounts.  Thanks to this group I learned so much about dairy and got to see inside their barns and operations daily.  They even answered my stupid questions.  After experiencing this I was excited to follow #farm365.  I had zero intention to participate in #farm365.  I viewed it as a personal project to observe and limit my contribution to asking questions and retweeting.  I already posted pictures and information from our farm on my account and had hashtags specific to our program. I was already sharing my story.

Within the first few days the hijacking campaign by the vegans/animal rights groups became apparent.  Instead of hijacking the hashtag and silencing the story for agriculture the campaign became a rallying call to people from around the world to post their story and combat the hijacking campaign.  I also heard this call.  I continued to post pictures from my farm but began to add #farm365 to add my voice.  Had it not been for the hijacking campaign none of my tweets would have included the #farm365 hashtag.  Little did I know the impact adding that hashtag would have on my life.

Firstly, I need to thank the vegans for the new connections and friends I’ve made. Through posting pictures to #farm365 and joining conversations I have met so many new, amazing and hilarious people in agriculture.  The vegan hijacking campaign is single-handedly responsible for me meeting all of these amazing people.  Thanks to my new tweeps I get a front row seat to so many agricultural operations.  I now have more access to farms around the world.  I get to interact and ask questions strengthening my knowledge of all things ag.  This education not only arms me with more knowledge and facts but it also fires up a desire to learn from and support all these people. The campaign has also caused me to gain an amazing number of followers. This has increased the reach of my voice and my story.

Secondly, I need to thank the vegans for igniting a passion that I had lost a few years ago.  I am not a farmer born and raised.  I am the support system to a farmer born and raised. Yes, I have curiosity and desire to learn about and participate in our operation.  Yes, I believe where my food comes from is important and I try to learn as much as possible.  As a city girl and science nerd my passion truly lies in genetics and molecular biology.  This passion got squashed by the real world a long time ago.  Even though I live and rely on a farm I’ve long felt I have real contribution to agriculture. Thanks to the vegan hashtag hijacking I have been inspired.  The passion I have seen from fellow farmers has inspired me.  The support and respect I’ve received from people in agriculture around the world has validated me and given me confidence in my voice that I lost long ago.  These past 21 days has made me want to become more involved in agriculture.  I makes me want to speak up and learn all the things!